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Lisa van Gerven 


She has now been in Bangladesh working for Vialisa Foundation for 15 years and has met and heard the frustrations, grievances and experiences of the adoptees who continue to travel to Bangladesh in search of answers. 

Through her own journey of locating her ancestors, she understands the multi-dimensional complexity of this very emotional search. The adoptees embark on this path of search with hopes, dreams and expectations. This sentimental journey requires a gentle hand and a very dedicated team to help ensure that smooth transition of events as they transpire.

She has decided to commit her experience after 20 years of watching loose and callously handled cases of adoptees who pay huge sums of money to find answers. 

Neda Shakiba Moore


Neda Shakiba Moore is one of the co-founders of Roots In Bangladesh. She has been working in Dhaka in various capacities since 2010. She has worked at the grassroots levels in research and data collection positions and worked her way around to Project Management. She speaks multiple languages and understands the Geo-social scenario of Bangladesh. She brings to the table her years of experience in capacity development, research, report writing, project management and communication skills to the clients at Roots In Bangladesh.

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