It was not my choice to get separated from my daughter. I have been waiting for more than 40 years to get some news. I just want to know if my child is alright before I die.

Ramiza Khatun, age 79


Extensive research of adoptees is showing many mistakes in the original dossiers. Names, places of birth, and parents’ names are misspelled or simply wrong. Therefore it is very difficult to match an adoptee with birth family members. The only way to be absolutely sure is through a DNA match.

Bangladeshi families who have lost a child in the past are often not aware of the DNA technology. Without access to receiving and sending a DNA sample to an international database the only thing they know to do is sit, wait and hope one day their child will somehow make its way back to them. 


The team of RiB is actively visiting remote areas with DNA kits to support the process of parents getting reunited with their long lost children.

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