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Roots in Bangladesh is a liaison for adoptees from Bangladesh in their quest to get to know Bangladesh and/or find lost family members.

Family research

The adoptions mostly took place right after the liberation war of Bangladesh and many families faced relocation and migration due to the war and other reasons including famine. This means that a lot of the families now reside in new locations and tracking them down can be a lengthy process which needs to be addressed promptly.

DNA match

Local people do not own a DNA kit and have no money to buy one. All DNA kits must be sent to the same lab to increase the chances of matching. This requires a lot of experienced logistical expertise and our services ensure that the process is handled with minimum likelihood of error.                                                             

Roots travels

Custom made holiday package based on your budget, the duration of your stay in Bangladesh and your personal interest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

We have permanent fulltime representation in Bangladesh.
We understand the Bangladeshi culture and their way of communicating.
We are not limiting our search to a single area.
languages spoken; Bangla/English/Dutch.
We have personal experiences with this kind of research.
We understand the importance of informing and updating you.

Our Challenges


Paper trail

From her own personal experience and first visit to Bangladesh, our COO Lisa found out that the information in her paperwork was incorrect. She then started asking other visiting adoptees and the network of adoptees in the Netherlands, she soon realized that her paperwork wasn’t the only one that held incorrect paperwork. Over the course of 20 years and talking to many officials who were assigned to the task of adoption processes at the time, certain individuals confided,  that paperwork did have incorrect information which in some cases were intentionally written. 

Time factor

Children were adopted in the 1970s, which means that the probability of finding living relatives with memory of the adoptees and the course of events that led to the adoption is getting slimmer by the day. Tracking down living relatives is becoming more and more crucial with a very small window of time and opportunity especially with the challenge that false documents presents.

Poor filing

Both in Bangladesh and the Netherlands, research revealed that a lot of the original paperwork is missing or misplaced. This adds to the delay and complexity of the investigation process. 

Our plan of action takes into consideration that the research will have to progress without the help of official agencies in certain cases. This means that a lot of the time lost on tracking down documents is now not an issue and the case can progress faster.


Many families who chose to enrol their children in the adoption process for reasons varying from money to starvation to marriage and this transpired into a mental and emotional guilt that families carry. Sadly, as a method to cope with this guilt, some may have chosen to block off details of the child/ren they gave away for adoption adding to the complication of the investigative process.

Let’s Work Together

Our technique ensures that your money, time and effort is rewarded with effective and efficiency that your journey deserves.

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